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Trucking Accident Claims In Louisiana

What Are Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents Across Louisiana?

Trucking Accident Claims In LouisianaWe thoroughly investigate the details of your accident to prove if:

  1. Trucking industry regulations were broken. Trucking companies are required to keep extensive driving logs and records. If the driver who caused the accident was not following procedure, they could be held accountable for causing the accident.
  2. The truck was not maintained properly. In the event that the driver or trucking company failed to make necessary repairs to the truck that led to the accident, one or both parties may be held responsible for the accident.
  3. The truck driver failed to obey traffic laws. A truck driver can be held responsible if they were speeding, failed to obey posted signs, or were driving carelessly at the time of the accident.

A thorough understanding of your accident provides our truck accident lawyers with the knowledge and resources it takes to stand up to insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve.

What Are Examples Of Severe Injuries Resulting From Trucking Accidents?

If you’re in a wreck involving a big truck, it can feel like your entire world is changing forever. Many victims suffer both permanent and life-threatening injuries, like head trauma, spinal damage, broken bones, burns, and even paralysis. Due to the severity of truck accidents, many victims sadly do not survive. When this happens, some families may attempt to file claims on behalf of their loved ones to recover compensation. For a wrongful death suit to be viable, a family must demonstrate appropriate evidence of negligence or product failure, similar to a victim who survived an accident. We can make this process easier, working with families to recover compensation and, in some claims, punitive damages.

Who Is Potentially Liable For My Serious Injuries Following A Trucking Accident In Louisiana?

That depends on many factors. Liability is typically determined by fault or negligence. The driver whose actions caused the crash is generally considered liable. However, in truck accident cases, establishing liability can be complex. It’s possible that the trucking company who hired the truck driver might share liability for a crash. Other parties, such as truck manufacturers or truck-part manufacturers might also be at fault for a crash.

Determining fault or liability is one of the most important parts of filing a truck accident claim. Your attorney can collect evidence and help you determine who should be held liable for the damages you’re facing.

How Much Is My Louisiana Trucking Accident Injury Claim Worth?

Each case is different. How much money we can get for you depends on the type of injuries you have, the circumstances surrounding the accident, and several other factors.

Without first investigating the details of your case, it’s hard to know how much money you may be owed. If we handle your case, we will determine how much money we believe your case is worth and ask the insurance company to compensate you for that amount. Generally, we will consider how the accident happened, what injuries you suffered, your medical expenses, lost income, your potential future resulting medical problems, and any possible future medical expenses and future lost income. In many cases, we can negotiate with the insurance company and settle without going to court. If we cannot reach an agreeable settlement out of court, we’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf and a judge and jury will determine the value of your claims.

What Damages Can I Recover For The Injuries Sustained In My Trucking Accident In Louisiana?

In virtually all cases, compensation is the driving force in commercial truck accident lawsuits, both economic and non-economic. Economic damages should compensate victims and families for monetary losses related to the accident, including current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of earning ability. Non-economic damages are less clear-cut, attempting to win additional funds for non-financial and tangible losses, including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and mental anguish. Although less common, punitive damages may be applicable if a driver and truck are found to be acting maliciously or willfully. Sentencing may involve a fine paid by the guilty party, probation, or jail.

Why Do I Need Competent Legal Counsel For My Trucking Accident Injury Claim In Louisiana?

If you sustained injuries in a commercial truck accident or your loved one lost their life due to another party’s negligence, the right attorney can help you recoup your losses. However, in many claims, the guilty party denies responsibility, leaving you in a frustrating stalemate. An accident attorney with experience in the laws regarding 18-wheelers can be a significant asset, working with you to build a claim demonstrating the culpability of the party at fault in the wreck. For more information on Trucking Accident Claims, a free initial consultation is your next best step.

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