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“I absolutely loved working with the Gennusa Firm. They were very personable and keep you informed /updated on every detail of your case. if you are looking for a firm that will treat you like family I would definitely recommend the Gennusa Firm.” – Amy P.

“Jeff is amazing! He worked tirelessly on our case and his communication with us showed his dedication. He kept us well informed every step of the process. Our family is so thankful for the persistence and determination Jeff showed in fighting for us to get the insurance payments we deserved. He exceeded our expectations!!”– Joel D.

“I highly recommend The Gennusa Firm. Ana was so easy to work with and always so attentive to detail. She was efficient and informative keeping me updated weekly with the details pertinent to my case. She worked swiftly to provide me a completion even in the midst of the quarantine. I cannot say enough about her genuine concern, professionalism and helpful advice during a very stressful time in my life. Again, The Gennusa Firm is easy to recommend because they will get the job done!”– Ava B.

“Jeff & Ana are an amazing team! They care deeply about their clients & truthfully treat them like family!! They helped me write my will and the legal documents that go along with it. They took their time and made excellent suggestions that made it easy for me to get it all written. They are both very knowledgeable and willing to work with you!!! When you walk into their office they make you feel welcomed and comfortable!!! I highly recommend the Gennusa Firm for all of your legal needs. They are truly the best!!!”– Barbara K.

“Jeff and Anna are both amazing attorneys. They are both extremely helpful, kind, and personable. Jeff and Anna both went out of there way to remain in close contact with me. I received a phone call each time there was an update on my case. I never had to wonder what was going on with my case or reach out to them because they were constantly in contact with me. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and couldn’t have asked for more! I highly recommend Gennusa Firm.”– Laura B.

“I was referred to Jeff by a family friend. He was very helpful, trusting, and extremely knowledgeable every step of the way. My case couldn’t have gone any smoother – he made the process so easy and not stressful at all. Jeff also answered any questions or concerns I had and advised me in the best possible way during the entire process. He was willing to go an extra step with the insurance companies until every negotiation was fair for my family and I. He also assisted me in deciding what proper treatment would be best for my injury. Jeff got the job done! I highly recommend the Gennusa Firm, LLC!”– Beth T.

“I got into a car wreck in January of this year [2020]. It resulted in me having to get physical therapy and surgery. The road to recovery is going to be a long one, but Jeff and Ana made the financial stress of it all so much better. They were crying, attentive, and got me what I needed in a very timely manner! Highly recommend this firm to anyone who has gotten in an accident and needs to take legal action. Thanks Jeff and Ana!!”– Kirsten L.

“Jeff did an outstanding job handling my case. He and his wife Anna, took the time to explain every step of the process of making a last Will and testament, and were thorough in every aspect. My Husband Darryl and I had a wonderful experience and couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. Jeff and Anna were very professional and have high moral standards. I highly recommend the Gennusa Firm for any and all legal matters you may have. Once again I’d like to thank Jeff and Anna for their professionalism in making this process less stressful. They make a wonderful team~ Darryl and Jill Romero”– Jill R.

“Ana did a great job at handling my case. She was very professional and I appreciate how she fought to make sure I was taken care of in the end. Gennusa Firm was very helpful during my car accident lawsuit. They remained in contact with me throughout the process, calling me when there was an update on my case. Jeff and Ana made each update personal. I had a wonderful experience and couldn’t have asked for more! I highly recommend Gennusa Firm.”– Ghee W.

“Jeff and Ana Gennusa are awesome people and truly a dynamic duo. They were attentive to my needs and was readily available for any questions that I may have had. When you call the office you will talk directly to them, not a machine. Jeff and Ana made me feel like I was apart if their family. I would recommend this law firm to anybody. They really work for you and with you.”– Stxrivin W.

“Jeff and Ana were wonderful at handling my grandparents succession. They we’re always available via phone or email if we had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this firm. Thank you Jeff & Ana for all of your dedication and hard work.”– Gina V.

“Jeff and Ana took the time to explain every step of the process and were so helpful with my last will and testament. They in addition helped me form a trust and everything was seamless. I had a wonderful experience and couldn’t have asked for more! I highly recommend the Gennusa Firm.”– Danny E.

“Who knew this particular day would change our family’s life forever. The Gennusa Firm, LLC added more change by creating a process that made the undertaking work efficiently, timely, with quality, and their team did it all with humility. Thank both of you for being in the right place at the time I and my family needed it. I would add more stars if I could, and then some. Blessings and peace. E’s sister M and Family……..”– Margaret H.

“Jeff & his wife make such a great team. I was so happy to have them on my case things went very smoothly, and I was very happy with the outcome. From my car accident to getting wills made for my parents they have been wonderful people to know and have on my side, they have helped me out so much. Lynn Stritzinger”– Lynn S.

“Very professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated firm. I felt very confident and comfortable with the outcome of the services I received. Jeffery and Ana Make a great team. I highly recommend this Firm. Thank you very much.”– Rhonda D.

“Contacted Jeff for advisement on some rather unique issues. Jeff was incredibly empathetic to the challenges I was facing and was very vigilant in understanding the work I need as much as possible. After 2 very thorough consultations, and a review of some important records, Jeff explained to me that my work was not specifically within his area of experience. I’ve consulted with attorneys who I truly believe should’ve came to the same conclusion and yet were ready to take the case just for the billing. Jeff showed solid integrity by deciding against taking the case and informed me he would make some calls. True to his word he did and called me back to give me a referral (he actually set the initial call up). After a thorough consultation with this attorney, I realized she was incredibly competent and I could have confidence in her representation and legal advice. I’ve been on a months long search for representation and am truly grateful to Jeff for linking me to who looks as though she will be the ideal attorney to take this case. Jeff is truly an attorney with integrity and empathy and I am very grateful for his assistance.”– SMuggi N.

“I normally don’t do this but I would be remiss if I didn’t try to shout from the rooftops what a wonderful experience believing and relying on these two was. They explain everything step by step and then you actually feel like family for the way they keep in touch with you all along the way through a process you had no idea what was entailed. Thank you Jeff and Ana”– Jean M.

“Walking into the Gennusa Firm was the right decision! Immediately, I was treated with the utmost respect and compassion from the start. Jeff and Ana are the kindest and most thoughtful couple with a special attention to detail and genuine concern. A warm tone, encouraging smile and sincere care is such a rarity. Jeff efficiently completed my Title Transfer for a cemetery crypt. I highly recommend The Gennusa Firm. Great Job you two… I give you both an A+ !!! ~Henrietta Catalano”– Tribe of Bryan

“LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE TWO!!! Once they took over my case they never left me in the blind or unaware of anything. Ana took the time to explain the distribution of funds and how the whole process worked. This was my first wreck and first case, Jeff and Ana made me feel comfortable and I didn’t stress any through the process. They were also very understanding of any circumstances that I had that hindered me getting some things done. They don’t mind taking the time out to explain anything or calling to get things done for you. If you want to feel like family, stress free and comfortable I highly recommend you calling these guys to handle you case. 5 star treatment for all their clients.”– B Luciano

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