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  • By: Gennusa Firm
  • Published: November 17, 2023

On October 23, 2023, seven people were killed and at least 63 were injured in a massive 168-car pileup on I-55 outside of New Orleans. The pile up was caused by a thick layer of super fog - a combination of fog and wildfire smoke that dramatically reduced visibility. In some spots, visibility was near zero, which created dangerous driving conditions. The deadly wreck made national and international headlines. Reports indicate that there were at least 25 separate accidents on the roadway that morning. While the wreck is still under police investigation, insurance companies have already started their own investigation and are looking for who to blame. Given the sheer number of vehicles, the number of people injured, and the number of deaths, one thing is for certain - there will not be enough insurance to go around. In a massive pileup like this one, if the at-fault driver had…Read More

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