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Transmission of information to or from this site or The Gennusa Firm does not create an attorney-client relationship with The Gennusa Firm or its lawyers; absent an executed written fee agreement between you and The Gennusa Firm no attorney-client relationship will be established.

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You should not send The Gennusa Firm any confidential information unless and until you receive written confirmation that The Gennusa Firm has agreed to represent you. If you choose to contact The Gennusa Firm by email or other electronic means, be advised that any information transmitted electronically may not be secure, may not be protected by attorney-client privilege, and might be viewed by other parties.

Louisiana Legal Ethics

The Gennusa Firm’s attorneys are licensed to practice law only in Louisiana. We do not desire to represent clients generated by this website from states where the material on this site does not comply with the ethical rules governing the content of law firm websites and/or blogs. Jeffrey S. Gennusa is the attorney responsible for this website. The Gennusa Firm undertakes no obligation to monitor or maintain this site or to respond to related communications. Also, it is not the purpose of this guide to compare our lawyers to other attorneys.

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The Gennusa Firm and its attorneys have not and cannot warrant or guarantee the outcome of any case or matter. Results may vary.

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We do not claim that Jeffrey S. Gennusa or Ana M. Rodrigues or others affiliated with The Gennusa Firm are experts, specialists, or board certified. Such claims are prohibited by the Louisiana Rules of Professional Responsibility.


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