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Jeff’s Mistakes

Mistake #1: He Spoke With The Insurance Company On His Own

He thought, like many folks do, that the insurance company was on his side. So he spoke with them without consulting with a lawyer. He quickly found out that the insurance company was only trying to build a case against him. The questions were odd and confusing. When he could get a hold of the insurance adjuster, the call was at least an hour long and sometimes he would be transferred to someone else. The adjuster would ask for documents to be submitted and when Jef did, he was told it was done incorrectly and had to redo it. He constantly got the runaround.

Mistake #2: He Didn’t See A Doctor Right Away

Despite being in pain, he didn’t seek treatment for his back right away because he was focused on getting his car repaired so he could get to and from work. Unfortunately the pain continued and by the time he sought treatment it was too late for the insurance company to cover it.

Mistake #3: He Took Their First Offer

After numerous calls back and forth with the insurance company, he finally got his car repaired. During that time his back continued to hurt and he was in a lot of pain. He was so frustrated and tired of dealing with the insurance company that he accepted the first settlement offer they made. This was a huge mistake. He was forced to pay for his own medical treatment for a wreck that was NOT his fault. As a result, he ended up paying treatment that the insurance company should have paid for.

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